At Dowco Financial, our focus is on group benefits, health and wellness and group retirement solutions.

Employee Health Benefits

We partner with our clients to discover a group benefits solution that maximizes cost containment, provides valuable data and insight, and enhances employee experience.

Dedicated Support

We are committed to providing the highest levels of service to our clients, all employees, or employee’s spouses within the company. Whatever the issue may be, we are available to assist with personalized care. This is, and has always been, a cornerstone to our business.

Health and Wellness

Health & Wellness is one of the most important emerging areas of opportunity for employers. Not only does it reflect how the employer feels about its employees, it creates a greater sense of connection and loyalty. This contributes to an increased level of health and wellness and overall workforce productivity. Our Active Management process provides the insights necessary to develop an effective Health & Wellness solution.

Group Retirement Services

People’s ability to manage the complexity of retirement planning on their own can be challenging. At Dowco Financial, our focus is to take the guess work and complexity out of the equation through a process of ongoing education and support by our Group Retirement Specialists.

Human Resource Solutions

We provide strategic and tactical talent management services necessary to achieving business outcomes. From small, medium to large organizations, we help our clients discover and leverage the full potential of each of their employees, realize the collective strength of a highly engaged and productive workplace, ensure market competitive rewards and build a strong human resource foundation.

Individual Benefits

Our individual financial advisors can help you and your employees reach your financial goals, protect your family and preserve your lifestyle. We are experts in Investment and Insurance Planning and have developed unique processes that allow us to help you establish and achieve your personal and financial objectives.